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  1. A Georgist Income

    Justin Fox (Bloomberg View) tells us that economists favor property taxes (specifically land taxes). There are two main reasons for this.

    First, a tax tends to distort activity, causing people to avoid the thing being taxed. An income tax causes people to work less. A sales tax causes people to …

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  2. Twilio needs Self-Signed Certificates

    I've recently realized that my digital life is only as secure as my Google account. Every account I have can be reset through Gmail. And many websites now implement two-factor authentication by sending me a text message or calling on the phone, which goes through Google Voice.

    I love Google …

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  3. Backups

    Let's talk about backups. Hardly anyone has adequate backup of their important files. Even IT professionals, who know better than anyone that backup is important and who should know how to do it, don't backup their systems appropriately.

    A related, but somewhat different, problem is synchronizing your important files across …

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  4. Google+ sharing is not revolutionary

    Many people are crowing about how Google+ has revolutionized social communication and sharing.  But I don't see it.

    One thing Google+ does well: privacy

    Google+ does allow you to keep something private if you want to.  Something like "I'm so glad to be on vacation this week," is a very …

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  5. Gmail backup script

    Sometimes I worry that all my emails are stored on Google's servers and if they ever lost them, then I would be hurting in a bad way.  And it would only be my own fault because I had never backed them up anywhere.

    So I wrote a simple Python script …

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