Compilation of ideas for fixing the Google+ sharing model

Since I posted yesterday that Google+ sharing is not revolutionary, I've seen several other comments on the internet expressing similar ideas.  The main problem is that Google+ still doesn't give us a way to broadcast publicly to anyone who is interested without also spamming our circles, which include people we know are probably not interested in certain things.

I wanted to try to collect all of the suggested solutions in one place so they can be compared:

  • Markus Persson suggested: Allowing us to make certain circles public in a way that people can add themselves if they are interested in our posts on certain topics.
  • Tony Lawrence and others have suggested: Allowing us to share a post publicly, but choose to exclude certain circles, or allow us to set some circles as "automatically exclude from public posts".
  • I suggested: Encouraging people to tag their posts instead of just being selective in who they share with and then letting the stream owner apply powerful but simple filters to control what they see.
  • Jason Gilanfarr suggests: Allowing us to share things with people who are in the intersection of multiple circles. (Added 12 Jul 2011 5:11pm MST)
  • Will says: Let users publish sparks (topic-oriented categories) that their friends can subscribe to. (Added 12 Jul 2011 10:04 MST)
  • Tyler suggests: Making Public another circle (still visible to all) so you can publish something Public and it doesn’t go to your other circles.  (Added 5 Aug 2011 9:00am MST)

Please let me know if there are any other suggested solutions so I can add them here.