Someone invent: A camera that emails photos out automatically

Ever since cameras were invented, photographers have been asked, "Can you get me a copy of that picture you're taking?"  In the days of film photography, there was the rare picture-taker who was kind enough (and mindful enough) to make extra copies of his prints and distribute them, but usually these requests get forgotten long before the film is ever dropped off for processing.

Eventually, people realized that they were never going to get those copies.  They started bringing their own cameras and asking, "Can you take one with my camera, too?"  In the extreme case, a big group will ask a passing stranger to take a picture for them.  Upon agreeing, however, the stranger is burdened with a dozen or more cameras with which to take the same picture.

With digital photography and the appropriate technology, we should be able to get the best of both worlds: a solution where only one picture needs to be taken and everyone who wants a copy gets one, without requiring any extra work, expense, or remembering on the part of the photographer.

I envision a camera which can register people who want a copy of a picture before it is taken and software which will automatically email those pictures out once they're downloaded to a computer.  You could use RFID in a keychain fob that people hold up to the camera to register that they want a copy of the picture, but it may be hard to get people to carry the fobs around all the time.  Maybe our cell phones could do the registering with NFC, QR codes, or some other technology.

Hopefully someday we'll have the technology that gives us a hassle-free way to get copies of the pictures other people are taking.

I started an ask for this on so if it's something you would like to see as well, join up: